Dora the Explorer Coloring Pages

Coloring is a very fun activity and most kids love this one and when it comes to coloring pages, Dora the explorer is on the top list. Dora is a cute, lovely and beautiful girl who loves playing with her friend. Dora is an adorable cartoon character from a very popular cartoon program, since her first debut, she has become a popular cartoon character loved by many kids especially girls.

Dora the Explorer Coloring Pages

dora fairy wallpaper.jpg

dora star wallpaper nick JR.jpg

dora the explorer - nature - home.jpg

Dora the explorer crystal kingdom wallpaper.jpg

Dora the explorer logo.jpg

Take a look at this beautiful coloring page, Dora wears her usual outfit with her little purple colored backpack, maps and also other items used to help her explore many areas during her journey. Dora is an explorer, she loves to explore many areas, together with her best friends, Boots, this monkey often helps Dora when she is in trouble and needs some help.

Find more characters who help Dora during her journey such as Diego. He is Dora’s cousin and often helps Dora when Dora finds some difficulties when solving the puzzles. Diego is a very smart boy and can be very reliable during some situations. Like Dora with her monkey named Boots, Diego also has a pet, a lovely baby jaguar. Boots, Dora and Diego are some popular characters that most kids love. Find more Dora the explorer coloring pages here.
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