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Tinkerbell Coloring Pages - Tinkerbell is one popular character which has been an icon for girls all around the world. This beautiful and cute cartoon character has become a great subject for various stuff including coloring pages.

If your kid love coloring and want to have some beautiful, attractive coloring pages, Tinkerbell is without a doubt one good choice. Since her first debut in 1953, Tinkerbell has caught lots of attention from little girls for generations.

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Tinkerbell is a beautiful fairy, she often helps the main character, Peter Pan during their exciting journey. In her movie, Tinkerbell uses pantomime to express her feeling.

Tinkerbell has become one of the most popular Disney characters, she doesn’t only appear in coloring pages but also video games. Thanks to her cute and expressive face, Tinkerbell has been nominated as one of the most adorable characters that most girls love.

Most little girls have been dreaming about being a fairy and fly around, it looks fun, doesn’t it? Tinkerbell is very popular with her green dress and yellow hair.

If you have kids who love coloring, it is time to introduce Tinkerbell and let her play around with this beautiful and cute character. Find more Tinkerbell coloring pages here and let your daughter’s imagination running wild when coloring this character.
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